squirrels 小学英语 阅读理解

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Squirrels are exciting. In the summer, they run around right after the sun comes up. In the
afternoon, the squirrels go back to their nests. They take naps. Two hours before the sun
goes down, they get up and run around again. When it is dark outside at night, they stay
inside their nests.
Squirrels are busiest of all in the wintertime. They run fast. They make turns in the air.
Squirrels jump from tree branch to tree branch. They run all morning until lunch. After lunch,
they go back to their nests to rest again. When the weather is bad, they do not leave their
nests. However, they do not hibernate, or sleep all winter.
Squirrels have eyes on the top of their heads. These eyes help them to see objects without
having to turn their heads. These eyes are difficult, too. They make it hard for the squirrel
when it is eating. The squirrel’s eyes are busy watching for enemies or danger. They do not
pay attention to what they are eating because they are so busy watching for danger.
Male squirrels keep themselves very clean. The male squirrel cleans himself more times than
the female squirrel. He keeps cleaning himself all day long.
Be careful when you play in the park. Squirrels are beautiful to watch, but they are not safe
to touch. If you try and feed one from your hand, you could get bitten. Enjoy them from a

1. In which season is the squirrel most active?
a. summer c. fall
b. winter d. spring
2. Using the context clues in the passage, the word enemies most likely means . . .
a. friends. c. threats.
b. boys. d. girls
3. The author’s purpose for this passage is . . .
a. to entertain.
b. to inform.
c. to tell you what a squirrel feels like.
d. to persuade.
4. According to this passage, what would be the danger of hand feeding a squirrel?
a. You could attract other squirrels.
b. You could contract a disease.
c. You will have to take him home.
d. You might get bitten.


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